Photographers, Still Having Trouble Posing Your Clients?

13 10 2010

You meet your client in the middle of a beautiful park. There are several types of trees, amazing displays of flowers, a bridge over a stream … and hundreds of people taking advantage of the nice day.

You freeze on the spot. What are you going to do with your client? How are you going to avoid all of these people? And how are you going to give them a portrait experience they are willing to pay for? And possibly refer their friends to you as well?

It all comes down to knowing how to pose your client. When you know how to pose them, it doesn’t matter what the situation is. You’ll know how to jump in, find the right, look, and direct your clients into the perfect pose that they’ll love, and buy.
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This Is How Much Digital Cameras Have Changed In The Past Decade

3 10 2010

It’s amazing to see how much things can change in a decade. Ten years ago, we invested in our first digital camera, and were amazed with the storage space on our 256 megabyte cards. Now a simple point and shoot consumer grade camera has more bells and whistles than our original DSLR.

Pricing Your Photography

Speed now is everything. A decade ago you could shoot at a maximum burst speed of 8 fps for up to 16 RAW frames. Today it’s at 10 fps for up to 28 RAW frames. And if you really want to show movement, with today’s Mark IV, simply turn to video mode, and capture everything as it happens.

While speed and functionality have changed considerably, the one thing that’s remained constant is cost. For about the same price as you paid a decade ago (not taking into account inflation or any other economic factors of course) you can purchase a workhorse camera perfect for the professional photographer.