Photoshop Action – Curling Page

24 09 2008

Create an action that will add a curled edge to any image.


With this Adobe Photoshop tutorial, I am going to show you how to create a curled effect to an image in just a few easy steps. This tutorial use the Warp filter added on CS2 and newer Photoshop editions

Let’s open a photo to start with for applying the effect to. For this tutorial, I’ve selected a stock photo


To start, we need to rename the background layer. I have renamed mine to “Curled Page”


Now we need to use the Marquee tool (Keyboard Shortcut – M) and select a small area


Next we need to add a gradient to our selection. Start at the inside corner and drag to the outside corner of the image


Now deselect (Select->Deselect) or (Ctr+D)


Next go to Edit->Transform->Warp.


Drag the bottom right point towards the center. Press enter when you are happy with your results.


Add a drop shadow to your image


Add an additional layer for a color background


Finished Image.

Photoshop – Create an Action and Drop Shadow

14 09 2008

Creating an action will save you huge amounts of time in your photography updates. We created a simple movie that shows how easy it is to create an action in Adobe Photoshop where we add a drop shadow to an image. The action can be used many times.

View the video


Photoshop your Photography – How to get inspired with your photography #8

5 02 2008

Grab your favorite digital photography image and open it in Adobe Photoshop. Be creative, add a new element which adds some interest, experiment with some filters, colors or effects. Add some text to the image to bring an emotional expression to life. – Get inspired today!

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