What does it take to start a photography business?

24 04 2010

It starts with the desire to make it happen. For many people, photography is a passion. They love photographing – but the idea of creating a business out of that passion can be overwhelming. Where do you start?

The great thing about a photography business is you can start part-time, and work it until you are comfortable making it your full time career. Many of today’s top professional photographers started part-time out of their home before it transpired into a full time career.

The one thing every professional photographer did when they decided to start a photography business is decide to make a business out of their love for the industry.

To go into business for yourself, you’ll typically need to start with the following five things.

1. Set up your business. Going into business for yourself is fairly easy. But you must do a few things with the government to announce your intent to become a business. Every state has a Secretary of State office that allows you to file the necessary paperwork. You’ll have to register your name with the state, and request a tax identification number to collect payments from your clients. Read the rest of this entry »

Digital Photography – Resource Information

31 01 2008

Photography Business Secrets

1. Wedding Photography business
Wedding photography is always in demand. Take a look at these wedding statistics. Imagine celebrating one weekend in New York, one weekend in California, and another weekend in Paris. That’s the power of running a successful wedding photography business.

2. Start a Photography business
The one thing every professional photographer did when they decided to start a photography business is decide to make a business out of their love for the industry. When you start a photography business, you have a clean slate with your direction. Your business plan begins filling in the lines, and providing you with direction.

3. Digital Photography
What makes a digital photography business a success? How can you take your passion for creating images, and turn it into a full time career? Let me share with you one powerful strategy that can change the way you currently look at your digital photography business.

4. Starting a Photography business
If starting a photography business is in your immediate future, there’s no better time to begin then now. What are the most important steps to consider when starting a photography business?

5. Home based Photography business
Are you ready to run a successful home based photography business? Do you love photographing your family and friends, and would love the possibility of turning it into a full time career?

Add a new angle to your wedding photography

27 12 2007

Have you every looked at you images and wonder how can I update the style? One quick way is to change your angle. Next wedding that you photograph, see if you can shoot some images from a higher viewpoint; a balcony or up on an elevated area can alter the look of any image and provide a fresh viewpoint. Lets look at a dance floor during the reception, if you have an elevated viewpoint; the subject is instantly separated from the other on the dance floor. By modifying simple points of interest, your photography will always keep updating itself.

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