Photographers – 8 Tips To Make You Better At Twitter

8 10 2010

Want to take your photography business onto Twitter, and use it to bring in a ton of clients? We’ve been on Twitter for well over two years now, and we’ve learned:

  • What works for us might not necessarily work for you
  • There really isn’t a right or wrong way to Tweet

If that’s the case, how will you ever learn to use Twitter? How do you know if you should take Twitter on as one of your marketing techniques, and use it to promote your business?

And once you do take it on, whom should you follow? What strategy should you start out with? How often should you tweet? And so on. You’ll never be at a loss for questions related to Twitter. Yet that’s the beauty of it.

Because people don’t have a regiment in place, they don’t know what to expect. Your Twitter account is what you make of it. Here are 8 tips to make you better at Twitter, and get you started on the path to more clients.

1. Tweeting frequency
Not sure how often you should tweet? Its really up to you. The important thing is to have a schedule and stick with it. Maybe four tweets per day five days per week works for you. Or ten tweets all day long seven days per week. The key is regularity so people will begin to recognize you.

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2. Non-tweeting times
What if you forget to tweet for a few days? What if you don’t want to tweet on weekends? What if you’re gone on vacation for a week – should you apologize for being away? Twitter isn’t an exact science, so be active when you can. While you should maintain somewhat regular patters, don’t worry about null times. Simply start in again. Read the rest of this entry »