Video recorder the size of your iPod from Flip Video Mino

6 06 2008

I love video and it is fun to watch what you record later on but hate to drag my clunky video camera everywhere I go. Flip video has a new product named Mino that is as small as an iPod Nano. Here is a press release information on the product:


Pure Digital Launches Super-Slim Flip Video™ Mino

3 oz. camcorder is the ultimate accessory for the social networking generation

June 04, 2008 — San Francisco, CA

Pure Digital Technologies today introduced Flip Video Mino, the company’s latest innovation in its popular, critically-acclaimed Flip Video family of camcorders. Weighing in at just over three ounces, the remarkably slim yet powerful Flip Video Mino raises the bar for high-quality, portable, and easy-to-use video.  Smaller than most cell phones, Mino fits neatly into a jeans Flip Video Minopocket to capture life’s stories whenever and wherever they happen – at a party, a concert, the beach, even on a bike ride.  The $179.99 (MSRP) Mino also features Flip Video’s built-in software that allows consumers to simply plug the camcorder’s signature flip-out USB arm into any computer for immediate editing and sharing. For the first time, the Flip Video software enables users to upload video directly to MySpace as well as to YouTube and AOL Video, making it even easier to share video.
“Flip Video Mino delivers the perfect combination of high-quality video, sleek design, and ease of use,” said Jonathan Kaplan, CEO of Pure Digital Technologies.  “For the millions who share their lives online every day, it’s more than a camcorder – it’s a fun tool for communicating and creatively expressing themselves.”
With 2GB of on-board flash memory, Mino allows consumers to capture up to 60 minutes of high-quality video using the camcorder’s intuitive new touch-sensitive buttons to record, play, fast forward, rewind, pause and delete.  Users can instantly play back video on the camcorder’s 1.5-inch anti-glare LCD display. Mino uses an internal, rechargeable lithium-ion battery that conveniently recharges whenever the camcorder’s USB arm is connected to a computer and provides more than four hours of recording time on a single charge. 
Using Mino’s built-in software, consumers are able to edit and share videos instantly from a PC or Mac. In addition to quickly posting videos on sharing and social networking sites, they can email videos and video greeting cards; create custom movies with their own music; capture still photos from video; save and organize videos on the computer; and, for the first time, seamlessly order and send DVDs anywhere in the world.
“Video is a major part of the MySpace experience and the Mino’s portable design means MySpace users can capture their life as it happens,” said Josh Brooks, vice president of marketing for MySpace. “We are excited to partner with Flip Video to make it easier than ever for MySpace users to directly upload and share content on MySpaceTV.”

Flip Video Mino Features
  • Weight: 3.3 oz.
  • One-touch recording with 2x digital zoom
  • Touch-sensitive buttons for instant recording, playback, fast forward, rewind, pause and delete
  • Built-in software compatible with PC or Mac:
    • Instant upload to MySpace, YouTube, and AOL Video
    • One-click emailing of videos and video greeting cards
    • Custom editing of movie mixes, with the option to set them to your own music
    • Capture of still photos from video
    • Order DVDs online and have them shipped anywhere in the world
  • TV connection for instant viewing (cable included)
  • Tripod mount
  • Available accessories (sold separately): AC power adapter, tripod, action mount, and pouch
  • At retailers nationwide including:,, Circuit City, Sears,, and
  • Available in black or white; suggested retail price: $179.99

Digital Photography DVD and CDs Presentation Cases

30 05 2008

With the push to hand over digital media to clients becoming common practice there is a huge need for quality packaging for DVD cases.

Create Professional-Grade DVD and CD Packages with the Jewelboxing System.

jewelboxingCheck out this site that has professional designers who were unsatisfied with the materials available for packaging our DVDs and CDs. They created Jewelboxing  to allow individuals to produce a short-run of high-end packages and to give them the freedom to concentrate on the most important part of the job, the creative. Selecting the Super Jewel Box™ King and Standard cases, created complementary components of the highest quality and made precise design templates for virtually all major design and publishing software programs.

Check out their site for more information – Jewelboxing

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Shipping could be FREE

21 05 2008

Found a really cool site that might save you a few bucks on your next online purchase. FreeShipping is a great resource for free shipping codes. It helps you save money by showing you what stores offer free shipping codes. There are currently over 650 stores and 1000 free shipping deals on the website. So if you ever need to find a department store with free shipping, or get a list of available free shipping coupons for a particular website then is the first place you should look at.

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Blogging Tips – 10 Secrets Of Successful Blogging

12 05 2008

With everyone talking about blogging, is it really possible to blog successfully for your business? Can you really make money with a blog?

Yes. But it does take some work. It’s not like a website where you hire a designer to design it, and leave it set for months at a time. You have to work at it every week.

Get started with these tips, and you’ll soon be on your way to successful blogging.

1. Start with a purpose. What do you want to talk about in your blog? Every post should be related to your end purpose, and help you create an informative blog that accomplishes your goals.

2. Create a theme. Maybe your blog is built around photos or videos. Maybe you title certain posts in the same manner. A great blog develops patterns, and gives the reader something to look forward to…. read more>>

How to blog about your business

Photography Studio Web sites – Add A Favorite Icon

14 04 2008

Have you ever visited a web site and found an image next to the web site address? This little graphic is called a favorite icon and is very easy to add to any web site. All you need is a graphic that represents your studio and then visit this site to create your favicon. Square graphics work best for this type of application.

Kodak Show Off Slideshow Program For Social Networks

7 02 2008

The 60 million Kodak Gallery users will be able to put up their digital photos on their MySpace sites through a new service Eastman Kodak Co. and Slide Inc. announced today.

Using Slide’s Slideshow product, Kodak Gallery users starting today can create portable slide shows with music soundtracks and put them up on the Web, including on social network and blog sites such as Facebook and Blogger. The free service is available at

According to Rochester-based Kodak, the service is the first step in what will be a greater integration with Slideshow products through this year.

Slide Inc. is a social network software company based in San Francisco.  – take from

Recession Proof Your Photography Business

6 02 2008

Recession Nears

Transform The Economy Now

Thousands Lose Their Jobs

The headlines go on and on. As a person with a job, the news may be a little frightening. But what if you own your own business? What if you’re just getting started building your photography business, and you’re getting a little nervous about your possibilities?

Can you really keep your studio open and running if we head into a recession?

Overwhelming, the answer is yes.

Through all the ups and downs, there will always be a need for good photographers. Business will proceed as usual IF you know how and where to look for business.

During a recession, it’s not about knocking on doors, becoming the best cold call salesperson ever. It’s about building strong,… Read More>>