25 Questions That Will Make You A Better Photographer

28 05 2010

Questions That Will Make You A Better Photographer

Today I found a great blog post entitled 50 Questions That Will free Your Mind. As I read through them, each one made me think a little differently, and allowed me to expand on the direction I want to take my personal and professional life over the coming years. It really is a great list – one that I think you could read through every day, and gain something new from it.

So after I read through each question a couple of times, I started thinking about what it would take to become a truly happy, successful photographer. What questions would you have to answer to set down the path for this endeavor? This is the list I cam up with.

1. What’s holding you back from starting your photography business?

2. What steps would it take to go from part time to full time?

3. How many clients have you made happy this week?

4. What makes your photography different from other photographers in your niche?

5. What do you love more than anything?

6. If you could do something all day long, and not have to worry about money, what would you do?

7. What would your perfect client look like? What type of photography would they be interested in? How much would they spend?

8. What photographer do you most admire? What steps could you take to make them your mentor, and follow in their footsteps?

9. You’ve taken a great picture. What would make it better?

10. What words could you use to tell your customers how special they are to you?

11. What words do you want to hear from your customers when they talk about your photography?

12. What’s your favorite store? Why? How can you bring their ideas into your own business?

13. What does your ideal workday look like?

14. What does your ideal workweek look like?

15. If you knew you only had 10 years left to live, how much action would you take to make your photography dreams a reality?

16. What’s more important, being a great photographer, or having a successful studio?

17. What could you do this week that would bring you closer to your goals? Don’t have goals? What could you do this week to set your goals?

18. What do your friends think of your idea of having a full time photography studio? Are they holding you back?

19. What group or place could you visit this week to bring in one new client?

20. What could you do to make sure you are on track to make your photography dreams a reality?

21. What are you doing differently today than you did one month ago? One year ago?

22. What do you want to be doing differently one year from now?

23. Where could you find an extra 30 minutes today to do something towards making your photography dreams a reality?

24. In 5 years, how do you see yourself spending your perfect day?

25. When you die, what do you want to be remembered for?

What would you add?

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Take advantage of today’s technology using online sales with your photography business.

21 10 2007

Is technology missing in your photography sales? Do you have a way to create photographic print sales 24/7? Time to take a look at ways that increase your print sales from each portrait or wedding your studio photographs.

Online sales are not new, they have been around for many years, but the ease of using photography print systems have changed. With a quick upload of your prints files, you could have your clients, family members and friends purchasing prints and enlargements today.

Several systems are in place today for great photographic print and enlargement sales experiences. Pictage and Collages.net are easy to understand and simple for your clients to navigate. Some systems even send out reminder emails about prints and specials. Some labs like Millers and Burrell offer systems that enhance your current photography studio business. Take a few moments and see if adding online photography print sales could increase profit to your bottom line quickly.

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Portrait Photography Studio – Begin Planning The Fall Promotions

17 08 2007

Have you seen other photographers plan and market fall portrait weekends? Take that idea, and add a new twist.

Does your city have a fall festival? Here in Denver, we have many. We have a pumpkin festival, corn mazes, October festivals – the list goes on and on.

Choose one festival, and set up a meeting with the head organizer. See if you can combine a fun-filled day at a festival with quality images that will make the memories of a lifetime.

How do you find a festival now? Go to your local library and look back at the newspapers from last September and October time frame.

What do you offer? Think Santa Claus on steroids. The great thing about fall festivals is you’re guaranteed fall colors, lots of leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows, hay bales and more. If the festival agrees to have you, they will agree to create a nice outdoor backdrop for you to create incredible portraits. If bringing a printer isn’t an option, pre-sell one or two small packages, with the promise of putting the images on to an online shopping cart system for more sales. Read More on Planning Fall Promotions for your Photography Studio>>

Helping your photography business, how to start a digital wedding photography business and wedding photography business visit virtualphotographystudio.com and keep up-to-date with all of the photography happenings via our free newsletter.