Twitter – 50 Ways To Use it

15 12 2008

1. Use your real name. ( This is a way to build your expertise.

2. Use a photograph that shows who you are.

3. Change your photograph out, but make sure it always represents your business image.

4. Change out the free Twitter background to include more about you or your business.

5. Start using some of the different applications for Twitter

6. Automatically feed your blog posts into your Twitter account.

7. Automatically feed you Twitter posts into your WordPress blog.

8. Start a discussion.

9. Ask a question.

10. Comment on a post made by someone you’re following.

11. Share cool tools and sites. (Love to travel to exotic places? My newest find –

12. Survey your followers.

13. Find a great virtual assistant.

14. Hire a sales person.

15. Find restaurants when visiting new places.

16. Find someone to have a meal with in the place you’re visiting.

17. Find great travel deals. (Just found a great deal to Disney World by following Southwest)

18. Find contests to enter. Or use contests to find new, very cool sites.

19. Tweet your ezine (newsletter) – Aweber has always been the best for ezines and autoresponders – now with the Tweet functions makes them that much better!

20. Promote completed work – giving a shout out about a new clients’ website can give you and your client a big plug

21. Set up a Tweetup in your local community

22. Use it to track questions and comments during teleseminars

23. Use it to track questions and comments during live events

24. Build relationships with people in your industry

25. Direct traffic to certain pages of your site/blog

26. Promote your business

27. Don’t over-promote your business. Twitter is all about building relationships – use promotions sparingly.

28. Tweet carefully. Your Tweets will become permanent record – make sure you want to share your information with everyone, forever.

29. Find cool resources to share in blog posts.

30. Find seminars, training classes, and expos to attend.

31. Find people to build seminars, training classes, and expos with.

32. Follow your conversations – I use Twhirl and leave it running on my desktop every day.

33. Share tips and resources that build your expertise.

34. Share news as it’s developing – I found out about a local tornado through conversations on Twitter minutes before it made the news/radio sites.

35. Connect people that have common interests

36. Follow just for fun – Some that I enjoy are @God @IHeartQuotes @SantaClaus

37. Build a following.

38. Find interesting people to follow by watching conversations.

39. Post your Twitter name on your blog/website

40. Provide your Twitter name on your business cards

41. Plan special meetups at upcoming conferences

42. Offer specials to those that follower your Tweets.

43. ReTweet interesting or exciting news.

44. Treat your Tweets as a business. Develop relationships. Build your expertise.

45. Learn about possible publicity connections (follow @SkyDiver)

46. Use SearchTwitter for all kinds of research

47. Find speakers for an event

48. Find attendees for an event

49. Un-follow those that spam the system or don’t offer value.

50. Don’t feel forced to follow everyone that follows you. Choose people that offer you value, and you find value in their Tweets.



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