Photographers – Linking Your Photography Website With Other Sites

21 10 2008

photography directory
Have you ever heard the term link strategy?

Link strategy simply means connecting your website up with other like-minded websites. Over the years, there have been many thoughts on this strategy. Link farms were built to add a ton of links to your site in a very quick time frame. Resource pages were added to sites to give reciprocal links. Trading links with community sites was used to boost up your rankings.

But today, links are used to connect you up with other sites that can drive your visibility within your own industry.

A wedding photographer should connect up with wedding coordinators, florists, reception halls, wedding directories, photography sites.

A commercial photographer should connect up with ad agencies, marketing departments, magazines and stock houses, photography sites.

The idea is to be in the places where your prospects and clients will find you.

Now that you know what it is, want two easy ways to connect to links that will ultimately help you?

Have you added your contact information to our photographer directory? We receive hundreds of hits every day, and welcome the opportunity to list your studio for free. 

blog comment

Have you added comments on blog posts? Most blogs have the ability to add a comment to a blog post of interest to you. Click to the post page, and the comment box will be at the end of the post. Put in your name and email, and the URL of your website or blog, add a comment, and you’ll have a link back to your site.




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