Photography and Blogging

7 07 2008

Being a professional photographer for over 18 years, I understand what it takes to promote a photography studio.

It’s hard to promote the business without showcasing your photography. Yet how do you get your photography online, and front of your prospects?


Sure it’s nice to have a fancy website that showcases your work in a Flash presentation. But does it bring in clients? I’m willing to bet the answer is no. Unless you have a huge name, and a huge following, no one will find your Flash website because the search engines won’t find it. And you usually spend thousands of dollars to put up a few of your best images – and then leave it set unchanged for months at a time.

Blogging gives you control.

  • Photograph a client on Tuesday morning – put up her photos on your blog Tuesday afternoon.
  • Photography a wedding on Saturday – put up 100 images on your blog Monday morning.

People came to us because we had 20,000 images online – on our website – at any given time. They stayed on our site because they could get lost in the feeling of our photographs. They didn’t see the best-of collection. They saw album after album, and loved what  they saw. We stood out because we weren’t doing what everyone else was doing.

Are you?

For more information on how to blog about your businessvisit this website

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