Why Can Photographers Command Such High Fees? Number 7

15 06 2008

[I recently posted an article entitled, 10 Reasons Professional Photographers Charge What They Do. As I was writing this article, I realized my 10 could be expanded and have even more detail. So this is the start of 10 Reasons Why Photographers Can Command Such High Fees.]

7. Don’t you just love that feeling of creating the perfect image? You know it the minute you look through the viewfinder. You know it as you’re setting it up. Because you’re a professional, it comes naturally to you.

Photographers don’t just snap a picture, they create a photograph.Dock in Mexico at sunset They understand positioning. They understand lighting. They understand placement. They do it again and again, so it’s not a matter of hoping for a great image – they know they got it.

With a professional, you’re not just paying for the ability to place a finger on the trigger and snap a picture. You’re paying for the years of experience it took to create the perfect image. It doesn’t matter if it only takes a minute for setup and for taking the image. What matters is the experience and education it took to be able to know how to take that photograph. 

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