Photos Ripped off Your Website?

9 06 2008

Are some of your images removed off your website and placed within another? There are so major concerns that the creator of the images is loosing an uphill battle within the web venue.

Now that I have your attention, here is an answer to limit the theft of your images. Tineye is a new service, while still in private beta testing, will offer users a way to test the theft of prized images. (check out the video to see how the system locates duplicates)

Here is an exert pulled from within the beta testers information –  Idée’s goal with Tineye is quite simple: to be the image search engine. And although you’ll never hear anyone from any company (think Google and Photoshop) officially admit it due to trademark diminishment concerns, it’s a safe bet that Tineye is secretly hoping to be “verbed” in the image-search space: “Can you Tineye yesterday’s lead photo to see which blogs picked it up?” And there’s already a Firefox extension, making it easy as a right-click to launch a Tineye image search.

Tineye is a different sort of search engine. Instead of using captions, filenames, and surrounding text to search for images using words as the criteria, Tineye employs actual images as its search input criteria. Either upload a file to Tineye or point Tineye to the URL of the image online, and it instantly creates a digital “fingerpint” via a number of proprietary algorithms — and searches this on-the-fly fingerprint against its database of crawled and indexed image fingerprints. Their database of images is currently around 487,000,000 — still just a fraction of the tens of billions of online images and the four billion-plus images Boujnane estimates Google has indexed via syntax to date. Boujnane expects to pass the billion-image mark “very soon.”




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