Think Successful Thoughts to Grow Your Photography Business

10 04 2008

How do you move throughout your day? Do you believe in everything you do, or do you have doubts creep into your actions? Do you try things knowing the outcome will be good, and will teach you how to proceed in to the future? Do you look at each new day with anticipation or angst? Ultimately, the success of your business depends on your outlook.

Confidence is the one area that can make or break a photography business. Simply buy choosing to have confidence in what you do will change the way you approach each day, and will provide you with a more positive way of looking at your daily routines.

  • 1. Remind yourself of your successes. Take a look at your photography business over the past 6 months. What did you do well? What provided you with opportunities? What made you profits? Study these areas, and discover ways you can bring these ideas and relationships to your future endeavors.
  • 2. Read about successes. Read biographies and autobiographies of successful people. Don’t have time for that much reading? Take a look at some popular business magazines such as inc. or Business Week. Both provide excellent stories of people that achieved success, and how they accomplished it.
  • 3. Build support around you. It’s hard to build success if you don’t have role models around you. Join organizations to find people you can create a relationship with.
  • 4. Push yourself to create and accomplish short- term goals. And think beyond static goals such as “call the phone company”. Instead, make your goals measurable, such as “put one ad into a parent magazine”.
  • 5. Reward yourself for your successes. Successful thoughts grow when you believe in their power. When you accomplish something big (or even small), congratulate yourself on a job well done.



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