In Photography, Look Beyond The Obvious

7 01 2008

 So, you’re a photographer. What is your specialty? What do you enjoy taking photographs of? Do you make money at it?
Now let me ask you another question. Do you make money one time from each photo shoot, or do you make money two or three times, or even on a continual basis?
Let me explain.
Let’s say you’ve been hired by a client to photograph a portrait. They decide on an outdoor location at a nearby park. You pack up your equipment, head out to the park, and spend an hour photographing the client.
The average photographer would take the images back to the studio, and show them to the client for potential sales. She would work with the client for an initial sale – however big or small it may be – and then move on to the next client.
But the extraordinary photographer would see the hidden potential.
Just because the client has concluded the sale doesn’t mean that’s all she’ll buy. When she picks up an order, show her how her images can be made into notecards, calendars, holiday cards or even products like bags and jewelry. Send her out a notice before the holidays showing her images as gift products. Grandmas and grandpas love photographs!
While you’re at the park, why not spend an extra 30 minutes photographing just for you? Maybe a photograph of a babbling brook. Or a giant oak tree against the sunset sky. Or maybe a crooked fence. The possibilities are endless. Why not turn those into fine art? Maybe a coffee table book? Or what about stock photography?
There’s dozens of possibilities – all from one shoot.
Start with your next shoot. How can you turn it from an ordinary experience to an extraordinary one? 

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1 02 2008
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