Portrait Photography Studio – Begin Planning The Fall Promotions

17 08 2007

Have you seen other photographers plan and market fall portrait weekends? Take that idea, and add a new twist.

Does your city have a fall festival? Here in Denver, we have many. We have a pumpkin festival, corn mazes, October festivals – the list goes on and on.

Choose one festival, and set up a meeting with the head organizer. See if you can combine a fun-filled day at a festival with quality images that will make the memories of a lifetime.

How do you find a festival now? Go to your local library and look back at the newspapers from last September and October time frame.

What do you offer? Think Santa Claus on steroids. The great thing about fall festivals is you’re guaranteed fall colors, lots of leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows, hay bales and more. If the festival agrees to have you, they will agree to create a nice outdoor backdrop for you to create incredible portraits. If bringing a printer isn’t an option, pre-sell one or two small packages, with the promise of putting the images on to an online shopping cart system for more sales. Read More on Planning Fall Promotions for your Photography Studio>>

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