Tips For Getting Leads Into Your Photography Business

31 07 2007

Every business needs it. Every business owner makes it his or her top priority goal. It never changes, from the moment you start your business until you close the doors for the final time. To survive, your business must bring in leads that ultimately turn into good quality, paying clients.

But how do you bring them in consistently? What methods do you use?

Well that all depends on how much business you need in your studio.

Let’s say that you want to photograph thirty weddings per year. How many leads you need to generate those thirty weddings would depend on a number of factors:

  • How much do you charge for your weddings?
  • Do your leads know and understand your pricing before they contact you?
  • How good are you at turning leads into sales?

If your leads are pre-qualified, have a lot of information on you and your services before they contact you, know and understand your pricing, … Read more >>




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