Create a Wedding Photography Testimonial Wall

29 06 2007

Everyone knows how important a testimony is in any business. But have you ever thought about creating a wedding photography testimonial wall?

One of the wonderful things about photographers is you can watch a family grow up. If you meet a client for the first time when they have a two-week-old baby, you start by taking a portrait of this brand new life. From there it continues:

A 6-month baby portrait
A one-year birthday celebration
A holiday photograph of the family
A family photograph with the 3 year old and her new baby brother
School photographs
Her senior portrait
Her wedding photographs

Use these to create a testimonial wall. The multiple image frames out today are incredible. Fill one up of one client from several photography sessions. Then ask them to write up a testimonial on a white piece of card stock. Frame the testimonial, and hang it next to the portrait.

This accomplishes two things. By including multiple portrait sessions, a new customer can see that they have been happy with your services – they’ve come back multiple times! And they can read first hand how happy they are with your photographs, and how much meaning they have added to their lives.

Fill your wall ceiling to floor – the tighter the better. Show people how much your customers mean to you. They won’t forget.




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