How To Promote A Photography Business

9 05 2007

It takes more than handing out a few business cards to bring in enough business to create a successful studio. It takes commitment and a plan. In this article, discover ways of promoting your photography business.

Are you chasing every customer with a few bucks to spare? Or are you getting “rich in your niche”?

Starting out in photography, we tried many types of photography. In fact, I speak with photographers every day that take a lot of jobs they don’t necessarily want or advertise for – but they bring in a few extra dollars. How can you turn away a client willing to spend a few dollars in your studio?

Becoming a jack-of-all-trades is not what’s best for your business. Instead, focusing in on what you love best with photography will make you well known for your specialty. Think about which photographer has a better chance of getting known:

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