Quote and Billing Software for the Photography Studio

24 04 2007

Creating bids for photography jobs has always been challenging. What will all of the expenditure associated with a particular situation total? If changes are made, how easy will adjusting the quote be? Blinkbid has taken care of all of this. With an straightforward to use interface, Blinkbid quickly modify changes and relays a new pricing arrangement. “A key feature built into Blinkbid is the ability to calculate the potential profit on a job.

Information is one of the most important aspects of estimating for creative professionals, yet it has been one mostly ignored by existing programs. Blinkbid calculates the expected profit at the estimate level, allowing users to make an informed decision before accepting a job.” – listed information from their site.

Calculate fees, crew, rentals, cameras, prints and much more. Blinkbid allows you to flow your estimate straight into invoice format for quick, precise billing.

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