Project Your Photography Studio Into The Future

8 03 2007

Project Yourself Into The Future
Everyone I have talked to is saying the same thing – things are tough out there! People just aren’t spending their hard earned dollars on anything at the moment. Go into any store or restaurant. It’s quiet. People are staying around their homes. Doing things with their families that don’t cost a lot of money. I’m there, and you probably are too. So what can we do to get through these tough times? Plan for the future!

Nothing lasts forever. We won’t be in this current situation for a long period of time. We will change. We will change as people, and our businesses and what we buy will change. Everything will change. So what can you do today? Focus on where we will be tomorrow. With each passing day come new opportunities. Your goal as a marketer is to foresee those trends, and change your life and your business to match the direction of the trends? What are people looking for in their products and services?

Take travel for instance. People aren’t traveling around the country as much as they were a couple of years ago. But people still want vacations – they are just more nervous of leaving “home”. So consider putting together mini-vacations for people right in your own area. A hotel can partner up with a number of businesses to create a spectacular “mini-vacation”. Consider putting together a 2-night stay in a suite for 2, plus 2 theater tickets, restaurant certificates, a gift basket with luxurious treats from several local shops, spa certificate. You get the idea. Put together incredible deals for the people in your local market, and create a memorable experience – one they will refer to the people they know from out of town as well. The key to surviving downturns is to change who you are focusing your sales on. A lot of times, your client of today is completely different than your client from 2 years ago. Don’t lose sight that they can change. Learn how to refocus – and to survive and prosper!

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