Photography Business – Tweak Your Way To Success

28 02 2007

It’s not always about making massive change to your photography business. Sometimes it’s about tweaking the little things that can have a profound impact. Have you ever looked at someone else’s business, and wondered how they gained so much success? Did they find one key to unlock the magic door? Chances are they learned the art of tweaking.

Tweaking is the ability to look at what you have, and fine-tune it. It doesn’t involve colossal changes. It just takes the good in your business, and makes it better. If you’ve been failing in your marketing, or just can’t pull in the business like you use to, chances are its because you haven’t mastered the art of tweaking.

A person with a website carrying the same look and message for two years in a row is a great example. This business owner put up a site simply to have information out online, without realizing it could be pulling in business for him every day of the week. Find out what’s working, and making slight changes to make it better. It’s like a chef who keeps adding one new ingredient to perfect the recipe. Or the scientist who mixes different ratios of chemicals to produce a new reaction. They don’t start over from scratch. They change one tiny portion, and try it again. And again.

Marketing your photography business can be a lot more fun once you master the art of tweaking. Where does your business stand today? Are you brand new, starting with your first client? Or maybe you’ve been at it a year, but still can’t make it your full time venture. Or maybe you make a comfortable living with your photography, but you want to see how far you can go. All of these are perfect examples of businesses that can master tweaking, and go to the next level with their businesses.

Tweaking involves taking what you are already doing, and making minor adjustments to make it even better. If you suddenly make massive change, you won’t be able to determine what the impact is. Instead, change one portion of your business planning, and see what happens.

  • If you send out 1,000 postcards a month, what would happen if you increased it to 2,000?
  • What would happen if you changed your offer on those 1,000 postcards?
  • What would happen if you targeted different people with those 1,000 postcards?
  • What would happen if you changed the wording of those 1,000 postcards?

The list could go on and on. But the point is you make a small change, and see how it impacts your business. If business goes away, you know you made a bad change. If you increase your sales, you change was good.

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