Networking Your Photography Studio

14 02 2007

I used the past weekend to catch up on some of my reading. Yikes, was it out of control! I probably have 50 magazines sitting by my bedside (unfortunately, I’m not exaggerating!)Anyway, I found an interesting article that describe the queen of Thank You’s! She sends out a minimum of 3 thank you’s every day to:

    people she meets in networking events

    people she knows and sees quoted in the newspaper

    former clients

    current customers

    friends and acquaintences

She sends thank you notes for everything. And she is definitely known

around the circles she networks with. People love hearing from her because they know she appreciates them – and she shows it.

Start your own Thank You campaign. If you send 3 thank you cards a day, 5 days a week, that’s still under $10 a week, and you’ll be making contact with 15 people a week!

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